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Vedant Memorial Remedial Education Classes

Though thousands of children are going to school, they are not learning the basics. Government has made successful strides in enrolment of the students but there remains a persistent apathy towards learning outcomes. In response to this Human Hope Foundation has started Remedial Education program. Our Remedial Education classes supplement school education by looking after the individual needs and respective learning level of the students. The remedial education classes have been started by Mr. Roshan in memory of his only child Vedant.

Extra-Curriculum Education (Workshops)

With the help of volunteers we offer a variety of workshops for our students to learn new skills. Dancing, singing, painting and handicrafts give the children the opportunity to explore their creativity. The different workshops give the children an opportunity to develop a passion and learn a trade. Next to teaching the children how to do something we ensure the development of soft skills. Accuracy, patience and confidence are important skills that will help the children to be successful in life.


In collaboration with the family of Late Shri H.K. Mitto, Human Hope Foundation has launched a scholarship program. This scholarship supports 6 underprivileged but talented students from economically weaker backgrounds. All education expenses like school dress, stationery items, books and also provision extra classes if required, are taken care of.

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